Stripped to the Bone: Portraits of Syrian Women





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Set between war-torn Syria and the West, Stripped to the Bone explores issues of identity, love, strife, courage and resilience in seven fictional portraits of Syrian women. Author Ghada Alatrash was recently profiled along with other Syrian artists on the PBS Newshour.





I won an ebook copy of this book in LibraryThing

I'm very picky of what i read so i would have never guessed that i would like this book , let alone love it this much!
It was so beautiful , one of my best reads so far , every word was captivating, the writing was so beautiful as if each letter was magic . That's it ! Ghada Alatrash is my favorite author now.
you can't imagine the emotions i went through while reading it , i laughed and cried . it broke my heart into million pieces and then mended it back together , made it whole again.

This book contained many stories , i LOVED them all but here are my favorites :

1- Zahrah , The first story in this book , and it was the moment i knew i was hooked! I just understood her , and her feelings so clearly , i related to her , to her thoughts and desires.

2-Mayyada and Reem, a story of two beautiful strong ladies who deserve so much more ( her brother made my blood boil!)

3-Lama and Kristian , this one made me cry . Beautiful and tragic .Love and loss.

"Everything ends , even dreams"

And there was a moment in "Um Jaad" when i laughed , when the woman remembered how her mother reprimanded her because of her bra in the clothing line , i was like "Hey that happened to me too!"

No im not exaggerating, you just have to pick this book and read it right now! You're missing out.

This book is a masterpiece, my heart breaks for the beautiful Syria and it's people , The mothers, the women , men and children
Sending you love and prayers from Algeria ...