A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J.Maas is one of my favorite authors , so I wasn't surprised of how much i loved this book, and yes I'm a big fan of YA novels , don't judge me!

This book was a "Beauty & the Beast " retelling , i don't usually enjoy fairytales retellings , i didn't like "Cruel Beauty " but i loved this one . The author took us to the beautiful world of faeries, the world building was very detailed, impeccable and magical. I want to live there so badly!


The first half of the book focused more on the romance that was bordering on new adult, it had a lot of humour. I felt like it was very slow in the beginning and it took me a while to get into it but it was very enjoyable nonetheless.
The second half however was where the magic happened , it's action filled , always leaving you waiting for the next move , and mind blowing , it felt like i was reading an entirely different book!
The plot was clever and perfectly executed , i wasn't disappointed.

I liked all of the characters, even the evil ones :
"Feyre" , our human lead character, she was strong and badass, even more so in the second half of the story
"Tamlin" , The High lord of The Spring Court, i loved his relationship with "Feyre" . It was funny and sometimes sweet (even sexy at some point)


"Lucien" a High fae who lives with "Tamlin" his story was a bit heart breaking , i believe he is everyone's favorite character, he is too funny and witty!
"Rhysand " , Our beloved villain , and the High lord of The Night Court ,


i loooove him *_* , i enjoyed everything he did, here's how i see him:


we had some character development when it came to her sister , and we were left with no real cliffhanger, just enough to keep us wanting to know what's going to happen next.

I recommend it to everyone! Especially YA lovers , you're in for a treat.