Stripped to the Bone: Portraits of Syrian Women

Stripped to the Bone: Portraits of Syrian Women - Ghada Alatrash, David Salas I won an ebook copy of this book in LibraryThing

I'm very picky of what i read so i would have never guessed that i would like this book , let alone love it this much!
It was so beautiful , one of my best reads so far , every word was captivating, the writing was so beautiful as if each letter was magic . That's it ! Ghada Alatrash is my favorite author now.
you can't imagine the emotions i went through while reading it , i laughed and cried . it broke my heart into million pieces and then mended it back together , made it whole again.

This book contained many stories , i LOVED them all but here are my favorites :

1- Zahrah , The first story in this book , and it was the moment i knew i was hooked! I just understood her , and her feelings so clearly , i related to her , to her thoughts and desires.

2-Mayyada and Reem, a story of two beautiful strong ladies who deserve so much more ( her brother made my blood boil!)

3-Lama and Kristian , this one made me cry . Beautiful and tragic .Love and loss.

"Everything ends , even dreams"

And there was a moment in "Um Jaad" when i laughed , when the woman remembered how her mother reprimanded her because of her bra in the clothing line , i was like "Hey that happened to me too!"

No im not exaggerating, you just have to pick this book and read it right now! You're missing out.

This book is a masterpiece, my heart breaks for the beautiful Syria and it's people , The mothers, the women , men and children
Sending you love and prayers from Algeria ...