first communions

first communions - Geoffrey Girard review copy from LibraryThing

This is my first time reading an anthology
This book is a collection of short horror stories , they are all different from each other .I didn't think they were that scary or exciting, but i loved some of them, they had a touch of science fiction and Fantasy and can be seen as YA and Adult stories.
Here are my thoughts on each one:

"Translatio " _ a strange story of black balloon shaped aliens and a man with a gift of seeing future horrors.

"Collecting James "_ a man who collects chips from people's was fun to read.

"For restful death i cry _ people are kept alive longer thanks to technology and a man who has to remove them. I found this one confusing yet enjoyable.

"Dark Harvest"_ a monstrous black creature and it's story with the town's people who kept him. Not one of my favorites.

"Not fade away " _ a young girl working at a nursery home and when a misfortune happens, she sticks with them . I liked this one .

"Unto the lord new song _ one of the best , who doesn't like Zombies? Yet it was so much more.

"Release Me "_ a ghost story of a giant woman, this one was my number one in this book ,it's dark and keeps you interested.

"Psychomachia" _ a story about working in coal mines, i didn't quite get it , it's confusing.

"Universal adaptor "_ i don't know for sure , but i didn't enjoy it and had a hard time getting into it.

"Misdirection"_ i absolutely loved it! It's a story of a young Algerian boy and a French wizard , i understood all the references because I'm Algerian , Maybe that's why i loved it!

"What you know "_twisted and fun to read .

"H.E double hockey sticks "_ dark and funny! A story of two demons and a bad hockey team..

"Where the shadow ended"_ it's about a young boy and demons of shadows , overall it's good , not my favorite though.

"Dead in the water" _ Pirates , Zombies and Action.. do i need to say more?

"Crawl "_not my best read , Only if you like spiders?

"First Communions"_ i felt like it was nice way to end this collection .

Those notes at the end were a nice addition.

I really enjoyed reading this book , some stories were fun and wonderful, others , not so much. I would recommend it to readers who enjoy horror and creepy stories.